Statement on Richard Swinburne on Antony Flew

In reaction to accusations that Flew was not in his right mind when stating that he had become a deist, Richard Swinburne provided a signed statement. The PDF version is included in Christian apologist Anthony Horvath’s updated edition of his own collection of letters from Antony Flew.

Excerpt from Swinburne’s statement:

Tony Flew [came] to see me a year ago in Oxford and in the discussion of about an hour and half in my house he seemed to be totally in control of what the issues were. He understood what arguments there were for and against and he seemed to me quite sincere, fully sincere, in affirming that he was, as I would put it, most of the way towards Christianity. […] He fully understood what was going on and that, he emphasized to me, was the way in which he saw the evidence now tending.”

Signed Richard Swinburne, November 30th, 2007.

Swinburne Signature-small